Cat Dun Laoghaire Guitar Lessons “I’ve always had an interest in learning guitar but felt overwhelmed as a beginner with the amount of material online. Jumping from one thing to another lead to, well, not getting very far!
I needed some structure and a voice to answer my questions…. After my trial lesson and meeting Daniel, I knew I would make progress. Daniel ticks all the boxes; interested, patient, fun and friendly, I couldn’t recommend him more.”
Catherine O’C, guitar student

Leonie playing

“The lessons are full of humour and a really nice taste of music with progress. I felt I was
playing what is good for me to get better on the guitar and that he really tried to point out my taste, which went well. He was a magnificent teacher. Daniel, i will miss you!”

Leonie K. (studied with me for 6 months before returning to Germany)


Jimmy Walker

“I am 57 years old and never played an instrument before. I decided on the ukelele for size and cost and then contacted Dun Laoghaire Guitar Lessons. My initial expectations of not achieving my goal soon diminished when I met Daniel. Daniel has immense musical knowledge and is an excellent tutor, with patience and smiles in abundance. I am progressing very well at a pace that suits me without any unnecessary pressure. I recommend him to people of all ages.”
Jimmy Walker, ukulele student


Penny F.

As a recent retiree, I decided to learn a new skill that would keep the old grey matter in shape! So when a brochure came through the door offering guitar lessons – and the first one was free – I decided to sign up!
As soon as I met Daniel I felt that he really knew how to bring out the best in me. His teaching methods are gentle, his humour and understanding are just right and its fair to say that he gets pleasing results! His recital evenings are a great hit and he has many plans for future workshops which I’m also looking forward to.
I feel its important to allocate time each day for practise and Daniel really notices when I’ve made an effort.
He’s great!
Penny F., guitar student

Questions and Answers with Richard Collins:

How did you feel about playing guitar before taking lessons with me versus after?

Less confident beforehand, and my sense of timing was very poor.

Now I think about where I am supposed to start, say 2nd beat instead of 1st. Have a better sense of timing. Also a better sense of where the gaps are and why they help
the expressive elements of the song.

Did I help you overcome any particular difficulties with the guitar?

Scales, scales, scales. Never thought they could be enjoyable to play but they are.

Alternate picking. Never attempted it before. Getting the hang of it now.

Soloing. I had not done so in the context of the song itself, e.g. with Am Pentatonic over a 12 bar blues tune

Two or three things you can understand or do now, but couldn’t before taking lessons with me:

Where the rhythm, lead etc fit in. Why some notes go together and why some
sound discordant. Blue note for example might only fit in when you are playing the Am chord.

Favourite thing about the lessons:

Playing together as a group. Learning how a song is constructed. Finding it difficult at first and seeing progress.

Other comments:

Daniel is a very patient teacher. He has an excellent knowledge of all music styles.

– Richard Collins, electric guitar student



“I had a ukulele hanging around the house. When Daniel’s leaflet came in the door with the offer of a free trial lesson, I thought it would be cool to learn a few tunes on it so I could join in on the annual ukulele festival in Dún Laoghaire for the craic. I didn’t think there would be any more hope of learning one or two stock tunes but I was content enough with that seeing as I’m a bit long in the tooth & no natural musician.
Daniel opened my eyes to the possibility of a much wider scope for having fun with music than that! He’s taught me how to learn by ear so I wouldn’t have to always be dependent on having the “music” in front of me. He also taught me how to use sing while playing & free myself up to enjoy the experience more. And he has taught me various tricks for memorizing tunes while learning them.
As a consequence my timing & sensitivity to the actual music around me has improved in a way I never thought possible – and in such a short time as well! I learn so much during each lesson that one can only imagine the prodigy I could have become if I had more time to practice! For the first time though, I am
motivated to make time to practice – so I must be having fun.
Yes I would recommend Daniel to a friend because I walked out of my first lesson being able to strum along or play the melody to a tune that was coincidentally also subtling teaching me a scale & useful easy chords. Each lesson introduces a new element of versatility with a new tune. What a sneak – but in such a good way!
Suzanna O’Coineen, Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin


Sean - Guitar studentI have always wanted to play the guitar but could not find the right teacher until I met Daniel.

When I started I knew nothing about playing guitar but Daniel put that right.
With his enthusiasm, technique, and genuine interest I was well on my way.

He gave me the three “t”s:

Tuition: He gave me the confidence to start from the bottom and build a good foundation, and most of all practice, practice, practice. If you can’t play it slow, you will not play it fast.

Tools: The know how to achieving your goal and get there is in a good relaxed atmosphere.

Tips: Going back on previous lessons and making sure you have it right if not he will make sure you have it right!

PS My name is Sean and I’m 54 years old. You are never too old.

– Sean P. guitar student



Gill in ukulele lesson“When I started my lessons with Daniel I was so nervous as I had never played an instrument in my life. But Daniel made me feel so comfortable and relaxed while learning to play. I feel confident that I am progressing at a steady pace. Daniel always has new and exciting songs for me to learn every week. He makes you feel at ease and is so patient which I feel makes a great teacher!”

– Gillian D.


“I had only been really ‘strumming’ before I started taking lessons with Daniel in September 2012.I was lucky because Daniel is not only a great musician but he is also a great teacher. It’s been about a year now and I feel I have progressed enormously. Now I can easily sight read most music and I’ve learned loads of Jazz chords. I wanted to learn the ‘Gallery theme’ from the old BBC art program ‘Vision On’. Daniel worked out a wonderful chord-melody arrangement of this jazz standard. So now I can impress my friends by playing the chords and the melody all at the same time! But it’s not just all about Jazz and Classical guitar. Daniel has helped me work out really cool arrangements of lots of Rory Gallagher songs which I greatly enjoy playing.”


Michael C.



“I find guitar lessons with Daniel very good. My guitar playing has improved a lot. He helped me loads with my junior cert practical music exam and the lessons were at a good pace that I could keep up with. I would recommend his lessons to everyone.” Isabella V.



“I initially took Jazz guitar lessons with Daniel to work on improvisation, and in particular, odd time signatures.Daniel has tailored his classes to help me advance in these areas.He is excellent at explaining any technical questions put to him. His enthusiasm, patience and good humour make for an enjoyable class.” M. Farrell


“I found about your courses on Mindhive website which I landed on via Google search, so it was pure luck.

I really enjoy the lessons and am very pleased so far.

Yes definitely I consider you are a good teacher. The theme you have every week is appropriately staged – it is of course challenging for the day of the lesson, but as I practice during the week, I can see why you have selected the theme.” – Akira M.
2013-03-26 20.45.09



“Daniel is not only an extremely talented musician but also a great teacher. I came to him as a complete beginner wishing to learn a few of my favourite songs on guitar and we’ve done exactly that. Daniels patience and understanding of basic techniques have helped me hugely. It’s been a pleasure to learn from such a genuinely lovely guy! Thanks Daniel 🙂 ” – Saoirse B.


“a great guitar teacher,who explains all the details” – Des W.


“lessons are most enjoyable!” – Peter H.


Testimonial from Alexander (6 years old):
Alexander and Phil

Do you enjoy the lessons?


How much?
“A billion kajillion kamillion millipins and caterpillar leafs and more than the world”

What do you think of your teacher?
“a very billion hundred good teacher”