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If you want to improve your guitar playing, or start as a complete beginner, this is the place for you. You will experience a unique teaching format which has proven highly effective and is great fun too! Whether you are six or sixty, if you want to learn folk, blues, acoustic pop, jazz, or get a grasp of a few different styles, this is the best place to learn in Dublin.


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With the right teacher, you can master the basics easily in no time. If you already have a grounding in the basics, you will progress faster than you thought possible! Our teaching approach is to make it as fun as possible for our students to progress from week to week, so they gain confidence and enjoy playing.

37 Students Playing Together In A Performance At The New Library:

“When I started my lessons I was so nervous as I had never played an instrument in my life. But the teacher made me feel so comfortable and relaxed while learning to play. I feel confident that I am progressing at a steady pace. There are always new and exciting songs for me to learn every week. He makes you feel at ease and is so patient which I feel makes a great teacher!” – Gill D.

When you take lessons with us, you start with a free introductory session. Here we’ll get you started with something easy to play, find out what you are aiming to achieve on your instrument, and recommend one of our programs for you.

Teaching Style

One of the most important aspects of our teaching style is making it enjoyable to play ASAP! Other teachers might take a long time teaching you boring chords and melodies you can’t play yet, in the hope that you will suddenly have a breakthrough in your skills. This doesn’t work. You should be able to get it right 80% of the time. If you can’t, what you’re trying to do is too hard. It is not YOUR FAULT if you can’t play what the teacher gives you, it is the teachers fault! A good teacher will inspire you and motivate you to practice each week.

You Will Get:

√   Clear and professional custom-designed lesson materials – so that what you learn in class is easy to practice when you go back home! Many guitar teachers don’t do this,instead they use handwritten notes or tabs printed from the internet (bad!).

√   Your progress tracked – again, most guitar teachers don’t do this very important thing! You need to know if you are progressing, and if not, why not?

√   Jam sessions – there will be many other opportunities to meet other musicians and play together. This is a very important part of learning music. I don’t know any other guitar teachers offering this benefit. Playing with others is a major source of motivation to continue practicing, and a lot of fun!

√   With our Ultimate JamTrax page you get Mp3s of songs you are learning – so that you can play along at home. Essential for making fast progress.

√   A lesson plan – to take you where you want to go, so you master the songs and styles you really want to play. Many, if not most, guitar teachers DO NOT PLAN their lessons, instead they wing it from lesson to lesson. That is obviously not good in the long run, if you have specific goals and targets.

√   A method for achieving the the most from your practice – practicing every day is important, but what you do when you practice is even more important! Learn how to make the most efficient use of your time, so you progress as much as possible in the shortest possible time.

√   A method for getting past slumps – everyone goes through periods when it is hard to practice for one reason or another. You can make it through these periods, and on the other side you will see a big increase in motivation.

Many students have enjoyed all these benefits and started making great progress – you can read testimonials in the sidebar on the right, and here. You can also try a no-obligation, free introductory lesson.

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If you are looking for a teacher for the first time, you might want to check out an article here, about how to choose a guitar teacher.

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