3 Mistakes That Keep You From Becoming A Better Guitarist

Just about nothing is more frustrating than practicing and practicing only to get nowhere in your guitar playing. Many guitar players add constant stress and frustration to their musical lives because they make one or more critical mistakes. They often practice in ineffective ways, use poor playing habits or simply make things harder for themselves in a variety of ways. This significantly slows down their progress. To become a better guitar player faster, you must avoid these mistakes at any cost.

Here are the mistakes to avoid and what to do instead:

Not knowing what to practice or how to practice effectively

Not knowing what to practice is one of the biggest symptoms of not having clear, attainable musical goals. When guitar players haven’t set goals for themselves, it is nearly impossible to know exactly what to practice. This often leads to over-accumulation of a bunch of random video lessons, tabs and exercises. This quickly overwhelms you and makes the idea of practice sound like work. Practicing guitar should be fun, not work.

The solution here is to determine your musical goals. Sit down and think about your specific goals and form them using tangible things you can achieve such as: being able to play a your favorite guitar licks at 150 beats per minute or being able to improvise using Lydian mode for 5 minutes straight without repeating the same phrase. The more clear you are when setting your goals, the better you understand what to practice to reach them.

Working together with a guitar teacher is very helpful for setting goals and determining the correct things to practice. Additionally, a good guitar teacher shows you how to practice as effectively as possible so you reach your goals fast. He/she observes your mistakes and corrects them so you don’t waste time practicing the wrong way.

Having a pessimistic mindset

A lot of guitar players have a pessimistic mindset that prevents them from becoming great before they even got started. Negative self-talk or disempowering thoughts are much more damaging for your guitar playing than having poor playing habits or a lack of skills. While having a lack of talent can be improved, if you constantly tell yourself you can’t get better, you will never even attempt to do so.

Focus your mind instead on empowering thoughts that lead you to take positive action for your playing. Reality is, no matter who you are, you have incredible potential for becoming an amazing musician. Remember, all great musicians started from zero, and became great because they first believed they could.

Not taking lessons with a great guitar teacher

Learning guitar on your own eventually leads to poor playing habits, mistakes and plateaus. Working with a great guitar teacher fixes these things and puts you firmly on the path to achieving your musical goals.

To find a guitar teacher who is effective, make sure he/she has received guitar teaching business training. This tells you that the teacher has been trained to get results for students, so you won’t be wasting your time. In addition, look over their website to see proof of the results they have given their students. When you find both of these things, you know you’ve found a great teacher.

Make the changes above in your guitar playing, mentality and guitar learning approach and watch as you become a better player faster than ever before!