Five Guitar Teaching Mistakes Teachers Make With Students

Guitar Teaching Mistakes That Keep You From Making Progress As A Student

It’s hard to tell if a guitar teacher is good or not when you are learning as a student. One easy way to tell is if you aren’t making any progress and you’ve done everything exactly as your teacher has shown you. However, there are more subtle ways that teachers unknowingly keep their students from becoming better players through poor teaching. Here are some of the biggest ones to look out for:

  1. You Only Learn With Songs

Guitar teachers who teach students through songs only do not know how to get you great results. This generic approach is commonly used when a guitar teacher doesn’t know how to teach in a goal-oriented manner with effective strategies. Once you finish learning a song they teach you, the best they can do is show you another one.

Instead of taking guitar lessons with someone like this, find a teacher who asks you about your musical goals when you first approach them for lessons. This is a good sign – it shows that they understand that every student has different needs, and shows potential that they will treat you like an individual rather than just another random person looking for lessons. For best results, make sure any teacher you work with has guitar teacher training credentials.

  1. They Don’t Show You How To Be Creative

Many guitar teachers do not show their students how to be creative with the skills they learn either because they don’t know how to teach this or they (falsely) believe that creativity can’t be taught. Contrary to what many people think, creativity IS something that can be taught. Learning to use the skills you learn creatively not only helps you become a better overall musician, but helps learn faster. Teachers who don’t teach you how to be creative are not only slowing down your progress, but holding you back from all the fun that comes from developing your own unique playing style.

  1. They Push You Into Learning Music Theory/Sight Reading

It’s common for mediocre guitar teachers to push their students into learning how to understand music theory and/or sight read before it is necessary. Some students will never need to learn these things because they don’t fit into their specific musical goals. Guitar teachers who teach like this usually feel like they have to teach these things in order to be considered a good teacher. Another sign of inexperience!

  1. They Don’t Teach You How To Practice Effectively

It’s crucial that your guitar teacher shows you how to practice what he teaches during your lesson. This ensures that you make the most progress on your own when you are at home. The best teachers help you develop a guitar practice schedule based on your musical goals AND show you how to practice every lesson to help you get the best results.

  1. You Aren’t Reaching Any Particular Goal

The first thing you need to do before taking lessons with a guitar teacher is show him your musical goals. A great teacher will create a lesson plan designed to help you reach them as soon as possible. An average/mediocre one will teach you using generic one-size-fits-all methods. Having goals gives you something to work towards and motivates you to practice to get better. Make sure your teacher understands this and follows a goal-oriented approach.