Fingerstyle Guitar Course

“Fingerstyle” refers to playing with the thumb and fingers of the right hand (instead of using a pick). There are many different techniques for picking the strings individually or together, often using the thumb to play bass notes while the fingers play the upper notes of the chords.

In this specialised course, you will learn:

1. The basic P-I-M-A techniques for playing chords, from Classical Music.
2. Alternating Thumb, a country-style technique used by Bob Dylan among others.
3. Using “chop” rhythms, as played by Ed Sheeran in Small Bump for example.
4. Playing chords and adding a bass line.
5. Bossa Nova rhythms
6. Samba rhythms
7. Flamenco techniques
8. Fast strumming with fingers
9. Advanced arpeggio techniques
10. How to get the most from practicing Right-Hand arpeggio techniques

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