Jazz Guitar Course

"Jazz Guitar" by Robert Roy

“Jazz Guitar” by Robert Roy

You can learn jazz guitar on this course, even if you’ve never played jazz before.

We’ll look at each of these tunes, taking 3 lessons on each one depending on your current level. We’ll look separately at the chords, melody, and improvisation. If you are new, we’ll cover the arpeggios, scales and different chord positions also.

1. The Blues in C. C Jam Blues.
2. Bb Blues. Tenor Madness
3. A simple standard. Autumn Leaves
4. A 32 bar AABA standard: No Greater Love
5. A modal tune: So What.
6. A simple bossa: Blue Bossa
7. More changes: All The Things You Are
8. Ballad playing: In A Sentimental Mood
9. Bebop: Yardbird Suite
10. Rhythm Changes: I Got Rhythm.

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