How many lessons will I need to have?

This depends on your goal! Many students keep coming back to keep learning and getting better. When you feel you’ve learned all you need to know you can stop, it is different for everyone.

What is a good age to start lessons?

Any age from 7 and up

Where are the lessons?

116A Georges St Lower, Dun Laoghaire. Check out the location page to see on the map!

What kind of guitar should I buy to get started?

I recommend buying a nylon string acoustic guitar to get started, unless you really want to play country or folk, in which case a steel string acoustic is better for you. In either case you can get a good starter guitar for around €200-€300. Go into guitar shops in town and try out some guitars – you will most likely prefer some guitars over others. Get one that you like the sound of and that feels comfortable to you! Check out the post on whether you should play electric or acoustic guitar