Videos from the 2015 May Recital at Lexicon



Videos from the 2015 January Recital

A Guitar and Ukulele Supergroup consisting of 21 students, mostly beginners, playing a composition by their teacher Daniel:

Jan singing “Hallelujah” (Jan had never played before she started with Dun Laoghaire Guitar Lessons one year ago!)

Jan and Colm playing Chitlins con Carne with their teacher Daniel on rhythm guitar:

Aoife, Laure and Camille playing an original composition they wrote in class:

Penny and Daniela playing “Prelude in G” with their teacher Daniel:

Penny playing “Streets of London” with her friend Jenny on vocals:

A mixed group of beginners playing “Ode to Joy”:

Videos from the 2013 Christmas Recital

This was the first ever recital for Dun Laoghaire Guitar Lessons. Ten students performed and it was an interesting and varied program featuring christmas carols, sea shanties, a classical piece, Eric Clapton, blues, Bob Marley, originals (good work Laura!), and folk songs. Really looking forward to the next one!

This is Damien performing “San Francisco Bay Blues” by Eric Clapton

This is Simon performing “Romance”